Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Sweet Spot

To all my friends who have paved the mommy path before me, let me apologize if I ever inadvertently screwed with your sweet spot. The sweet spot is a window of time in which you can coax your sweet cherubic infant into eating and sleeping without fuss. It is however a small window of time (at least in our case).

Today I found myself chasing the clock to make it home in time for the sweet spot. I failed. The chatty cashier at Target and the retired lady writing a check (WHY DO I ALWAYS GET BEHIND A CHECK-WRITER?!), the gentleman in front of me at the pharmacy counter at CVS with a few too many questions about his medication, and the slow poke in the Prius who made us miss the only stoplight in our neighborhood. Sweet spot BLOWN.

Instead I returned home with a mini-drunk person behaving like a tyrant on a power trip. Now, I'm not talking Gaddafi like violence, but he is every bit as irrational. He's hungry, but angrily swats at his bottle. He's tired, but flails about wildly. The only cure I've found to conquer the mini-drunk/tyrant baby is to wrap him up in his carrier (we use the Ergo) and bounce around the house until he gives in to sleep (usually about 10 minutes).

So, as I began this missive, if I was ever the cause of screwing up your sweet spot I apologize and now understand. To the rest of the world, if you see a mama with a cranky baby behind you in line, step aside. Let her buy her diapers, wipes, tampons and chocolate and get on down the road.

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