Welcome to Moderate Momma! My name is Lindsey and I'm a new mother to a beautiful little boy named Arlo. Along with my husband, I am doing my very best to navigate parenthood. When we brought our son home from the hospital, we quickly discovered that we didn't fit into one particular parenting style. We were doing a little cherry picking from each to find what would work for our family and our little man. Often when doing a little late-night Googling (because what else is a momma to do when she's up every 2 hours?) I came across message boards that were full of absolutes, controversy, and a little mommy drama sprinkled in just for fun. I found that I really didn't fit in any particular group. I'm pretty much in the center. I'm middle class, I subscribe to a moderate political ideology, and don't lean too far in one direction or another when it comes to most parenting debates. My philosophy? Do what works and keeps you and your family happy and healthy (mentally and physically).

I have a feeling that there are more mommas than just me who fit into this moderate zone and so Moderate Momma is born!

The Mission & Spirit of Moderate Momma

  • This is a blog and community where moms can share, learn and grow without feeling they aren’t measuring up. Ideas are shared in the spirit of collaboration and inspiration!
  • Moderate Momma should make you feel good, provide camaraderie, and make you laugh.
  • This is a Guilt-Free zone, no shaming one another for parenting choices.
  • Recognize that all moms are coming at parenthood from different places (socially, economically, culturally, and relationally) and remove "Always", "Never", and "Should" from our vocabulary.
  • No "Pinterest Perfection." I promise to share the good, bad and the ugly, sometimes with an Instagram filter. :)

Join me on this journey and share your insights and opinions as well! Welcome Moderate Mommas! I hope you'll stay a while.

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  1. I love the idea of calling yourself a moderate mum. I often see parents who are so black and white about every issue and I live in the grey zone. Every child is different so jot much is going to be right or wrong about parenting